Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Rebecca Maidansky and I am a pelvic floor physical therapist at Sullivan Physical Therapy in Austin, Texas. While working in this specialty, I have seen how difficult navigating the world of pelvic health can be for people. I have seen it affect their emotion and physical health, their livelihoods and relationships. I have seen people struggling for years in search of the right answers and the right help. HOWEVER, I have also seen those same people find the answers and treatment they’ve been searching for. I have seen those answers repair their professional and personal lives. That’s why I love pelvic floor physical therapy.

We ignore our pelvises. We abuse our pelvises and then when things go wrong it’s difficult to understand the cause or the answers we need. My goal for this blog is to help more people find more answers, faster. Did you know it takes the average woman 6.5 years to find help for pelvic floor dysfunction and men 4.5 years? I hope that over time these numbers change and I hope to be part of the movement that changes them.

Moving forward, I’ll be covering all things pelvic related. I’ll cover the basics of all things pelvis and try to break down the complex. If you’re interested in learning about pelvic pain, health and wellness, sign on to follow me on my journey to learn about all things pelvic related.

In the future, if you have specific topics you’d like to learn more about, let me know! If you have questions or comments, feel free to reach me at becky@sullivanphysicaltherapy.com or leave a comment below!

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