Toe Yoga

There are many styles of yoga out there, but ever heard of Toe Yoga? Our feet are so important for our posture, balance, and how we take in information from our surroundings. They also play a vital role in our gait and how we transmit forces from the ground up through our legs when we walk, run or climb stairs.  In today’s society, we rarely go barefoot. That means that our feet don’t get as much information as they once did, and wearing shoes all the time can alter our toe alignment, potentially leading to painful bunions or stiff joints.

Stiff joints overtime can lead to further compensations in our posture, affecting our knees, hips, pelvis and even our spine. This can lead to inflammation and potentially chronic inflammatory or overuse injuries, making it painful to move or do the things we love.

Toe Yoga is simply an exercise or activity that can help keep your joints flexible and strong. It might be challenging at first, but you might be surprised how quickly your toes can wake up and ideally move better! Here’s a quick activity you can try at home to test how well your toes are actually moving!

-Sit in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground (no shoes!)

-Slowly lift ONLY your big toe off the ground, while keeping all other toes on the floor. Try to keep the toes that are on the ground as relaxed as possible.

-Lower the big toes, and lift the 4 other toes off the ground, making sure the big toes stay in contact with the ground.

-See if you can alternate back and forth between these.

-Too easy? Try lifting each toe one at a time like a wave, and then slowly lower back the other way.

Give us your feedback! Do you find this challenging? Too easy? Or just right?

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